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The text below is an excerpt featuring the Tom Stern's EzLift Retractable Tzitzit.
The excerpt is from Rabbi Avrohom Blumenkrantz's article from his Pesach book  
  which is titled "The Laws of Pesach" the 5766-2006 edition. If you would like to order  
  a book contact Rabbi Blumenkrantz at #718-337-6144.


             Tom Stern is an inventor who constantly seeks to improve almost everything
  he sees. Because the wearing of the Tzitzit was commanded by Ha'shem at Har Sinai,
  it is necessary and appropriate to keep the sacred and clean. Tom's innovation has
  accomplished this.
             Watching his young son learning to use his Tzitzit, and struggling to keep
  them clean (particularly when using the bathroom), Tom began to think of ways to improve this  
  3,317 year old garment which is a cornerstone of Jewish tradition. After
  Countless discussions with religious authorities, experiments, redesigned samples, and
  trials, Tom finally has the answer: a liftable Tzitzit EZ Lift Tzitzit TM (Patent Pending) is
  Kosher and in many instances would be considered a Hiddur Mitzvah, EZ Lift Tzitzit TM
  adds these wonderful benefits: Greater Ease of laundering (Tzitzit  don't entangle with
  each other), longer life of the Tzitzit itself, improved sanitation, increased safety when engaged
  in sports, increased neatness (Tzitzit won't dangle over the waistband), increased comfort, and    
  increased respect for the Tzitzit (when in the lifted position, Tzitzit will not touch the bare body).
              If you wear the Tzitzit in your pants it is Hallachacally preferred to wear the
  Tzitzit in the lifted position and for the Bocharim to lift them up after Kriat Sh'ma so they
  do not touch the bare body.
             To learn more about the EZ Lift Tzitzit go to www.ezlifttzitzit.com, to see if
  you qualify for the free Tzitzit program go to FreeTzitzit.com, to contact Tom Stern
  his E-mail is Tom@ezlifttzitzit.com. Phone #718-252-3040, Fax #718-951-3755.


  1. For those who wear them inside their pants they can wear them in the retraced
  position so the Tzitzit won't touch the legs.
  2. When using the rest room doesn't accidentally get solid-sanitary health issues.
   (especially with children).
  3. Doesn't tangle when laundering thereby no tearing.
  4. Pockets protect the Tzitzit when laundering thereby reducing fraying and increasing
  the life of the Tzitzit.
  5. By snapping the pockets closed it makes it easier to launder by easily allowing
  multiple Tzitzit to be laundered at the same time.
  6. When doing any kind of sports, it is also safer when retracted, especially in the case
  of a small child riding a bicycle.
  7. When visiting the cemetery Tzitzit must be hidden out of respect for the deceased.
  Tzitzit must be put in the pants and by using the EZlift Tzitzit in the retracted position
  they won't touch the legs.
  8. In the retracted position they help give a neat appearance so strands of the Tzitzit
  don't protrude from around the belt.











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